Pushin P’ became a worldwide craze thanks to Gunna. Since the beginning of 2022, Gunna has been constantly promoting his ‘Pushin P’ mantra. However, a controversy arose around “Pushin P”, and Gunna was forced to respond to accusations that he stole Pushin P.

Gunna responded to the “Pushin P” backlash. The rapper addressed charges that he stole the slang for his DS4EVER hit from the Bay Area during his appearance on Uninterrupted’s “The Shop.” When asked about the allegations by music mogul Steve Stoute, Gunna didn’t appear disturbed by the criticism and maintained the term is global.

“Come to find out, they just come from player shit, too. That’s what I took from it, like bro, everybody been player. Your uncles and aunties, they was player.”

Gunna went on to say that the “older dope dudes” from the Porters Ridge neighborhood in Georgia, where he grew up, exposed him to it.

“I learned that from them. Got in the game and ran with it.”

“My 🅿️ops taught me how to be a 🅿️laya long time ago.. Pz are worldwide.”

Gunna admitted in an interview with Complex that he didn’t coin the phrase “Pushin P,” but he did popularise it and promote it to the people. Despite the backlash, Gunna’s effect is undeniable, with everyone from Kim Kardashian to Nike mentioning “Pushin P.”

“The world is just now catching on because of the song, but Atlanta and LA people who know me know. That’s why it hit hard, too, because I really been kicking P outside of music. So when I bring it to music, it’s like, yeah, that’s really him. He ain’t lying.”

Gunna confessed that he did not coin the word, but he did try to popularise it among the wider populace. And he, too, has completed his mission. “Pushin P” reached number seven on the Billboard list, with millions of views. What did you think of “Pushin P”? Stay tuned to Thirsty for more information.

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