Former NBA star Spencer Haywood was portrayed on HBO’s LA Lakers docuseries, Winning Time as having performed a peculiar act. Haywood was rumored among his teammates to have performed his own circumcision. Haywood has now confirmed that the story is true.

The former Laker was said to have performed the procedure on himself when he was a child. Many of the show’s fans have criticized the production for bending the truth. Spencer Haywood himself has admitted that the self-circumcision rumors are true after all.

Speaking with TMZ Sports, Spencer said he had no problem with how he has been portrayed on the show thus far. Actor Wood Harris is giving an accurate account of Haywood’s time with the team. Spencer thinks Harris is doing a fantastic job in the role.

“I’m fine with it because I’m fine with Wood Harris playing me in this role and he’s a good person and a great actor.

I’m okay with it and I did some bad sh*t.”

Spencer Haywood said his upbringing in small town Mississippi had a lot to do with his decision to circumcize himself. The town of 370 people didn’t have any doctors. His mother encouraged it because of her religious convictions.

Haywood said his brother helped him out during the procedure. They had plenty of practice on the family’s pigs beforehand. Later on, a doctor cleaned it up. Spencer Haywood isn’t afraid to talk about his past, and he’s totally OK with the rumors, because they are true.

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Michael Perry

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