Hip-hop fans are always on the lookout for persons who look like their favorite performers. It’s not uncommon to see jokes about people who could be a celebrity’s doppelganger. This time, it’s a Fake Lil Durk who has taken advantage of his opportunity.

Fake Drake was recently making moves in Miami, where he was spotted trying to get into nightclubs. It turned into a lucrative business for him after going viral. He ended up scheduling club gigs and securing bags from coast to coast.

Even Drake was pleased by it all, according to sources, and wanted his lookalike to amass as much cash as he could while he could. There have been photographs of a young man who shares a strong resemblance to Durkio in recent days. So much so that even rappers have resorted to social media to express their amazement.

The Jasmine Brand published a video of “Shmurkio” hanging out with what appears to be his girlfriend recently. A video of the Fake Durk nearly creating a riot at a mall circulated more recently. As Shmurkio’s entourage escorted him out of the scene, fans rushed around the rapper’s lookalike.

It was evident that those fans couldn’t identify the real from the fake Lil Durk. Although Shmurkio has a more baby-faced appearance, he has been fairly successful in this endeavor, as evidenced by his 130K Instagram followers and much more on TikTok. Take a look at him in the series of posts below.

Gunjan Nath

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