Olivia Sky, mother of Bow Wow’s son Stone, has revealed that she has been dealing with food poisoning and needs help in taking care of their son but can’t reach out to Bow Wow.

Bow Wow and Olivia welcomed their son back in 2020 and confirmed publicly that they are co-parenting. Olivia has never really had a complaint about Bow Wow. The rapper doesn’t mention Olivia but there have been rumors going around about their relationship being quite serious but it looks like they just want the best for their son.

However, Olivia took to her Instagram to share that Bow has not been around lately. “Never complain but I am today,” she wrote. “Then gonna pray on it and let it go.”

“It sucks because I got food poisoning so bad. Can’t be in mommy mode and throwing up everywhere [sad face emoji]. Can’t even ask his daddy for help because I’m blocked,” she continued.

Also, earlier this year in January, Olivia shared a message on social media giving fans an idea about her relationship with Bow.

She wrote on her Instagram at the time, “I swear I salute all the real fathers!” The ones who actually get their child and spend time with them. The ones who calls and check on them on a daily basis. The ones who actually stand on what they say! The ones who call and volunteer to get them and the mother don’t have to ask! The ones who pick their child up to get their hair cut when it’s time. (the ones who have boys).”

Take a look at Olivia’s Instagram posts below!

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