Tom Brady is heading into yet another NFL offseason, revealing his shirtless body for the cameras again. Brady posted a promotional video for his new Brady Brand tracksuit. The video shows Brady going shirtless and stomping on his phone.

Brady tweeted, “These never go according to plan…” after tagging his Brady Brand clothing line.

His NFL fans were interested in the part of the video where he went shirtless. Many of his fans were surprised that how the soon-to-be 45-year-old quarterback keeps his body in this shape, while others were a little grossed out by asking him to keep his shirt on.

Later in the video, he placed the camera on the ground revealing his quads. Brady didn’t stay without clothes for too long. The GOAT quarterback didn’t always have this body, but staying on the constant grind obviously paid off.

After that Brady has always stayed in shape that even other NFL players who played into their mid-40s ever could. Brady always seems to be messing around with his fans, so if people can’t stand him going shirtless chances are he’s going to do it more often.

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