Kandi Burruss’ contentious relationship with Russell Spencer, better known as Big Block, has been well-documented. The Grammy winner has a kid with Block, Riley Buruss, and the three of them featured on Real Housewives of Atlanta at one point. They discussed their family business in the reality show.

Block’s lack of a relationship with Riley was uncovered, which he blamed on Kandi and his daughter. Last year, Block sat down for an interview in which he referred to Riley as a side chick. Block doesn’t seem to be slowing down, as he recently got up with VladTV and continued to trash Kandi and Riley, who is 19 years old.

He claimed Riley is simply envious of the fact that all of his other children were raised in his home. He even questioned why he needed to pay child support since Kandi was earning more money. As Riley saw her father call her out on the internet, the video of the interview immediately went viral, and Block received a lot of backlash.

However, friends of the Burrusses were sending Riley letters of support. His remarks elicited a response from her. She said that she and her mom are always trying to take the high road. Riley is upset that she constantly has to see him badmouthing them publicly.

Riley feels blessed to be raised in a household where her mom provided the best life she could have. She would appreciate it if he could stop talking about them. Kandi re-shared a post on her Instagram Story asking for the money she is owed.

I don’t care how well I’m doing, I still need that money you owe me. Don’t BLOCK your blessings not doing right by your children.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star and music industry hitmaker also admitted in September that she was suicidal at one time in her life. Monica, Kandi’s pal and R&B icon, posted a photo of Kandi and Riley on Instagram with a supportive remark. Take a look at everything down below.

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