Pusha T is a charismatic figure in the hip-hop community. His body of work frequently elicits a provocative response. However, Pusha T has recently revealed that he got cursed out by Gucci Mane once.

The Virginia Beach rapper spoke with Pezo Coconut on the DA CRIBB SHOW Podcast about “the best Gucci Mane story” about a collaboration that never happened. Gucci first approached Push about joining a song years ago, according to Push.

Push soon agreed, requesting that Gucci send the track over right away. “A day or two goes by, you know, I’m in the studio. I get the song done. I call Gucci. ‘Gucci, I got the song. Boom-boom. You ready?” Push went on to say that Gucci was ecstatic to receive the verse. However, once they were off the phone, Push noticed that Wop had sent an email address to which they could send the finished stanza. “He never sent me no email, right? So, I hit him back. He was like, ‘Oh, my bad.'”

This, according to Push, proceeded through text messages between him and Gucci Mane. Despite Gucci’s repeated promises to write an email, he never did. “Dawg, he never sent me the email, right? I called him, he ain’t answer. I’m going on about my day, my business, whatever. I get this text. ‘This why I don’t be fuckin’ with industry n***as.’ Listen, [Gucci Mane] cursed me the fuck out.”

Push continued:

“Listen, verse done. Verse done, ready to give it to him. Talkin’ to me so crazy on this mothafuckin’ phone, it was no way inside of hell I was giving him that verse. Fuck that verse. I was like, you know what? No! You right! I done reached out. I done called the man, I done reached out to the man. He told me he was going to give it to me, he ain’t give me the thing. I remind him, ‘Yo, send it to me,’ this and that. I must’ve missed the call or something,”

He went on to state that he still has the text exchange and shows it to his friends to this day. Push confessed that it was around the time that Gucci was dealing with his own problems, but that he has no ill will against the Atlanta legend.

The complete interview may be found here.

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