21 Savage is currently one of the most popular rappers in the Hip-Hop world and is also well aware of what it is like to be living on the streets. According to 21 Savage’s lawyer, the artist’s legal struggle over his visa status isn’t moving forward because of his criminal charge. The rapper is still working, according to reports, and is scheduled to perform at Coachella and the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in June.

TMZ has been advised that 21 Savage’s criminal case has no pending court dates, so this isn’t going away anytime soon. Savage’s lawyer claimed that his client is still free to travel within the United States, but that he is unable to leave the country since he does not have a visa to reenter.

21’s immigration attorney, Charles Kuck said that the rapper’s now 3-year-long immigration case has been put on hold due to the outstanding criminal charges. Nothing will happen until the criminal case in DeKalb County is resolved. 21 was seized by ICE officers in 2019.

Agents claimed he had been illegally staying in the United States for years after his visa expired. Authorities then alleged that during the ICE arrest, the rapper threw out a bottle of codeine, and that a pistol was discovered in his vehicle. It wasn’t until January of this year that the Dekalb District Attorney formally charged 21 with possession of a prohibited narcotic and possession of a handgun.

A worldwide pandemic passed by before that much happened, and as a result, he’s still unsure where he’ll wind up residing.

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