T.I., the rapper, and emerging comedian made news yesterday, April 5, after an altercation with a fellow entertainer. The plot of this narrative continues to twist and turn.

She’s Lauren, a comedian, who was chastised after making a joke about the sexual assault charges leveled against the star and his wife, Tiny Harris. Angry with her remark,  Tip shouted out, “There was no f*cking crime. It is nothing to charge me for.” This sparked a heated discussion between the two, culminating with T.I. stepping onto the platform and attempting to take her mic.

Things got a lot messier once social media caught wind of the issue. Lauren is defending herself, claiming that the entire altercation began when T.I. repeatedly interrupted her show from the audience.

She said in an Instagram video,

“He proceeds to start heckling from the crowd, calling me all kinds of b*tches. Oh I need to ‘shut the f*ck up.'”

T.I. took to social media after hearing her statement to say that he never addressed her by her given name. He raged, “Give me video where I called you a b*tch, I’ll give you a million dollars,” His opponent appeared to be on the verge of becoming a millionaire. She quickly shared a video of the performer yelling “B*tch” from the stage.

The Trouble Man then posted what appears to be a long apology to the young comedian a few hours later. T.I. appeared side by side on stage in a video. “I’m here to protect you and correct you… I’m not here to do anything harmful to you. I love you. I support you.” he said. Lauren leaned in and hugged him on the side before expressing she loved him as well.

Tip used his 26-second clip’s caption to not only bring calm to the issue but also to present the comedian to the rest of the globe. However, all that matters on social media is whether he will pay up.

Take a look at the video below for an apology.

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