Post Malone is well-known for his introspective songwriting and diverse vocal styles. After three years together, Post ended his relationship with Ashlen in 2018. Post and his ex-girlfriend Ashlen were recently sued by lawyers for an alleged $350,000 ‘Palimony’ payment.

Post Malone and his ex-girlfriend Ashlen Diaz are reportedly being sued by the lawyer who once represented Diaz when the former couple was negotiating a “palimony” payment following their three-year breakup. According to recently released legal documents, a Los Angeles law firm called Martorell Law is suing both Malone and Diaz, claiming they are owed a portion of the alleged $350,000 settlement Malone paid Diaz after the two officially ended their relationship in 2018.

Diaz reportedly hired Martorell Law at the time of their breakup to assist her in negotiating a settlement from Malone. Martorell Law and Diaz allegedly entered into a “contingency fee” agreement in which the firm agreed to “represent [Diaz] in a civil action” against the rapper in exchange for a percentage of any payout settlement Diaz received at the conclusion of the case.

According to Radar, Martorell Law also claimed in the recently filed civil lawsuit that they provided legal services to Diaz in connection with obtaining a settlement from Malone, including “researching alimony law, investigating facts of the claim, and reviewing substantial evidence and data.”

Martorell Law then claimed that they communicated with Malone’s lawyers about the palimony case between Diaz and the rapper, but that after they rendered their legal services to Diaz, Malone allegedly “proposed, coerced, and pressured [Diaz] to discharge [Martorell Law] so that he could settle alone, and gain the benefit of her not having the assistance of [her lawyers].”

Diaz and Malone reportedly settled their palimony case for a whopping $350,000 after Diaz discharged Martorell Law. Diaz’s former law firm believes they are still owed a portion of the $350,000 settlement because they allegedly provided services in connection with the settlement before being excluded from the final agreement.

While “palimony” is not a legal term, it is frequently used in comparison to alimony after a breakup in which one member of the couple believes they are owed financial compensation for what they provided during the relationship.

Since Malone and Diaz eventually settled out of court and without the assistance of a legal team on either side, it is unclear whether Diaz had a legal case against Malone, to begin with. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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