Channing Tatum has begun working on the upcoming third installment in the Magic Mike series. The show will follow band of male exotic dancers on stage. As the rehearsals for Magic Mike’s Last Dance are ongoing in London, the producers behind the show have ramped up the security of the set for a good reason.

The producers were forced to take drastic action to keep horde of middle-aged women away after preparations in London for the new films, Last Dance, were disrupted by the what they described as “sex-starved.” women.

As the scenes were being rehearsed at the Dance studio, details of the production schedule were leaked on a WhatsApp group of obsessed women. Those women made quickly made their way on to the location to see the actors shirtless and all oiled-up.

Sources close to the showrunners told the Sun that bosses initially laughed off harmless intrusions but are now find it very “disruptive.”

“It starts as a bit of fun and it’s great that the fans are so engaged. They’re just passionate — and plainly sex-starved! But after a while it has become problematic and there are now a lot of fans trying to get hold of the guys pretty much everywhere they go.

The security team are concerned about what they might be prepared to do just to get their hands on them.”

The outlet was told that previous installment of the show has left massive impact on “horny middle-aged women” who will do anything to keep up with what actors are doing.

“Obviously the previous films have had a huge impact but also left this legion of horny middle-aged women, who are making it their business to know the guys’ every move and follow them all over the place.

“Sadly the only option has been to move things around and take security precautions, by bringing in some proper heavies to make sure nobody gets hurt.”

Magic Mike has been one of the most successful commercial franchises of recent years, worldwide taking almost £130million at the box office for the first film and even spawning a live stage show spin-off.

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Bhupen Dange

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