Over the previous few years, Drake and Kyle Lowry have developed an extraordinary bond. Lowry was, of course, the Toronto Raptors’ standout point guard, and Drake was the team’s ambassador. In a recent interview with Complex Canada, Kyle Lowry mocked Drake’s basketball talents, claiming that he beat the rapper’s a** in a one-on-one game.

Drake was in Miami just a few months ago to witness Lowry play with his new team. The two played a 1 on 1 before the game, and Lowry was recently questioned about it when chatting with Complex. Lowry was quick to mention that he destroyed Drake, but he did give the artist big praise for his development, as you can see.

“Yeah, I beat his ass. Yeah, no chance. Drake, don’t try me again, boy. As a competitor, you got to appreciate it. But yeah, he don’t want that smoke. […] He’s gotten better, though. He’s gotten better, man. I think he’s working on his jump shot a lot, working on his handle a lot. I think really from the time I’ve first seen him to the time now, he’s gotten a lot better.”

Drake is unlikely to make any NBA squads in the near future, but his progress on the court is promising. Maybe the next time he plays Lowry, he’ll lose by 20 points instead of 21.

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