Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Baker just got married in Las Vegas. This news has taken the entertainment industry by storm. However, fans think that it’s nothing more than a publicity stunt for their upcoming Hulu show.

Kravis has become one of the most talked-about couples in Hollywood recently. Their PDA-filled interactions show that they can’t seem to get their hands off each other. Tying their knot, although unofficially, might have been the usual course for their love life. The fans on the other hand had some bitter things to say about the event.

On Twitter, one wrote: “Surprise! Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker get married just in time to promote the new Kardashian show on Hulu. Nothing in this family is done without a publicity stunt.” On Reddit, one wrote: “I’m sure they won’t let this die anytime soon.” Another agreed: “They are truly pushing that storyline to stay relevant.”

Kourtney’s friends were apparently shocked at their Vegas nuptial ceremony. This is because the couple “wanted to say their vows alone without drama.” The couple was photographed drunk while coming out of their unregistered marriage ceremony.

The newlyweds’ choice of wedding location was a world away from the usual luxury and glamor of the Kardashian family. The place features a room with chandeliers and a white circular flower arch at the altar. And in true Vegas fashion, the pair are also said to have had an Elvis Presley impersonator officiate the wedding.

The Kardashians’Hulu show is just around the corner. The timing of this event comes comfortably just before the airing of the show. This has rubbed the fans off in a different direction and made them think that it’s just a PR stunt.

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