Joe Budden trashed BTS on his podcast and now he’s paying for it. Whether you’re a fan of BTS or not, the comments made by Joe are quite offensive to virtually everyone.

From the looks of it, Joe Budden is definitely not a fan of BTS. On the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, Joe said he hated BTS and said they were Chinese. “I hate them BTS ni***s,” he expressed.

When the host of the show asked him why Joe hates the band so much, he replied, “Do I need a reason? I hate them n****s. I hate them. I don’t have to divulge my reason to you, I just hate them n****s.”

Joe continued to say, “I don’t want to hear that sh*t. “I don’t want to see them dance moves. I don’t want to see you come down in the sky in a little umbrella. I don’t want to see your four f*ckin’ co-tees come from the audience and link up like Voltron and do all of the 98 Degrees moves. I don’t want to see it.”

“I know they’re big. I know it’s China,” he added when the JBP host Parks Vallely corrected him by saying that they are from Korea. “I don’t want to see Korean-Sync,” Joe then said jokingly, comparing BTS to ‘NSync.

Joe then asked why he can’t hate a group that is successful and has a huge fan base when the host, Ice and Ish told him that he can’t hate a musical band for no reason at all and there must be an explanation.

Many of BTS’ fans were furious and took to Instagram to express their anger. “Joe budden is 41 years old going on 13. you would think that a grown man would have enough sense and maturity to recognize his own blatant xenophobia. for a supposedly music artist turned middle school incel drama prone podcaster, im not even surprised at his unjustified comments,” one fan tweeted.

Another BTS fan said, “Joe Budden a man with NO real achievements, just opinions, Sh***y opinions at that.”

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