Britney Spears has been giving her family members no time to breathe with her frequent jabs at them. She has not spared a single moment to point fingers at them for giving her a hard time. This time she has slammed her family again while sharing a Mexican art piece.

The Toxic singer and songwriter took to Instagram on Tuesday to display pages of art from a book she obtained while in Mexico. She didn’t just stop after showing them the book. Later she commented on the ongoing feud with her family.

She showed off the art item in a series of images. One included the face of a roaring tiger with a woman’s image embedded on top. A woman with red antlers sprouting out of her head with eyes peeping at her from the background and a woman emerging out of a broken mirror was also seen.

Other pieces of art Spears posted included a blue man wearing a king’s crown with a long white beard. In the picture, another face emerges from the bottom and two men in sombreros are looking at one another with a horse cut in half separating them. We can also see a group of men who appear to be focused on repairing a chair.

“I thought this was pretty cool!!! I wanted to try and make people THINK … you know I have to say when there’s something of interest the mind can be a beautiful thing!!! But yep I will SAY IT AGAIN … as much as I was told to think in a chair 10 hours a day. I want to make sure we lose all heart and think!!! As they have taught me so f***ing well … so let’s BE SMART.”

Britney took shots at her family later by captioning something very cheeky. She said she ripped the pages of the book and threw it away just like her family did to her. She shared a series of emojis of a middle finger and signed off the post by saying, ‘Psssss … again F*** YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL!!!’

We have also found out about the new book she’s writing. It wouldn’t be a far-off prediction to say that there might be some grievances addressed in the book about her family. If that’s the case, we will be looking forward to reading about such revelations.

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