Jason Momoa has been a Hollywood hottie for years, but his Aquaman icon has been linked to his The Cosby Show legend wife Lisa Bonet throughout his career. People are ready to relate you to another romance when you’re a sought-after celebrity going through a publicized breakup with another famous figure. It seems that currently the case with Momoa.

He’d previously spoken about falling in love with Bonet and combining families with her ex-husband Lenny Kravitz and their daughter Zoe Kravitz. Now that they’ve announced their breakup, the focus on Momoa’s dating life has shifted. Momoa was recently photographed interacting with Kate Beckinsale while celebrating the Oscars at Jay-notorious Z’s Chateau Marmont afterparty.

As they conversed, she was wearing his coat, and stories quickly spread. Momoa has returned to put an end to it. The actor was interviewed by Extra TV at the premiere of Michael Bay’s film Ambulance, when he was asked about the rumors. Jason immediately shut down the claims.

It was cray. Have a conversation with a woman about her country, I was in England doing Aquaman 2. Everyone is like, ‘Are you dating?’ No, no, it was chivalry, the woman was cold. Absolutely not, not together. She is very nice, I was being very nice, just being a gentleman. Now, I am not giving my coat to anyone. We are doing Fast 10, it’s finally happened. It’s taken ten movies for Vin to invite me, so thanks [Vin Diesel] for finally coming to your senses. I think I just begged to be in it. I just want to play the bad guy again.

Early January this year, Jason Momoa announced his split with Lisa Bonet. Even after their reconciliation, it seems that the couple eventually split up again. After their split, there were several talks about the two getting back together. Take a look at a few posts below.

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