Jenelle Evans has a 9-5 job and it’s receiving hate. One thing is for sure, whatever she does, it will probably turn people to speak against her. This time she has been thrashed for eating a burger loaded heavily with mayo.

The Teen Mom star took to TikTok on Monday to post a series of videos of food. She shared her carb-loaded breakfast creations on the platform. Fans, however, didn’t take the video well and came on to slam her for her eating habits, again.

Jenelle snapped herself taking out a package of English muffins, sharp cheddar cheese, bacon, and eggs. She then pulled out a skillet to start cooking. After making the sandwich she took a big bite out of the dish as her husband David could be seen enjoying his in the background.

“Lately I’ve been addicted to this sandwich, so let me show you. Why is it that when you cook at home things taste so much better?” she asked fans. Cooked my bacon, messed up my eggs, but it’s alright,” she said while filming her creations. I did David’s perfectly. Add a cover to make your eggs super soft. Toast some English muffins or whatever bread you want, and add some mayo. Cheddar cheese, lots of bacon, and eggs. Listen I know this sandwich is super simple and y’all have probably made it before, but look at that! That is a true breakfast sandwich.”

Fans spared no time and took to Reddit and voice their visible disgust over the matter. “Here Janelle shows us how she made that disgusting sandwich,” one wrote as they re-shared the clip. “4 eggs and half a pack of bacon on a single sandwich?” a second asked in shock.

“Keep shoveling that crap down your throat Jenelle while complaining about your health and esophagus and how you just have no clue why you don’t feel well. Buy a f**king clue, Jenelle,” one remarked, noting her recent health issues. Another mentioned: “She looks super proud of her egg mc muffin with bacon. Not that complicated and a heart attack on a plate.”

Jenelle’s choice of breakfast comes shortly after she has opened up about her health problems. Despite her ailments, she has not yet cut down on the consumption of certain types of food. She even switched from beer to wine and called it a healthy decision.

It’s high time that she realizes the importance of a truly healthy lifestyle for herself and her family. Despite the constant blabbering from fans, she still chooses to do as she pleases.

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