Cardi B has time and time again proved her mettle as an artist. The 29-year-old keeps on breaking new records every year while also collecting various accolades. This time her album Invasion Of Privacy made the headlines for breaking another record.

The WAP rapper’s Invasion of Privacy album is placed at #167 on the latest Billboard 200. It means that her debut studio LP has now spent four full years (208 weeks) on the chart. It is the first album by a female rapper to remain on the Billboard 200 for that amount of time.

Cardi can’t seem to stop breaking records and setting standards. Last month, Invasion of Privacy became the first album to have all its tracks certified Platinum. It is also the first album by a female rapper to have two Hot 100 #1 singles and two Diamond-certified singles.

IOP holds the honor of being the first album by a solo female rapper to win the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. Plus, the Recording Industry Association of America certified Invasion of Privacy as 3x-Platinum in April 2019. It also broke the record for the most-streamed female rap album in Spotify history.

Despite all these amazing records to her name, Cardi can’t seem to stay off the online hatred. She recently has quit Instagram because she thinks her fanbase is dumb. She also received quite the backlash after wishing death on a fan’s mother. Cardi’s recent profanity-filled rant also made headlines and made her infamous among the fans.

Controversies can’t seem to let go of the rapper as she tries hard to combat with fans online. No matter how much hate she gets from people, her being a female idol for the industry will never cease to be. Listen to Cardi B’s Invasion To Privacy below:

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