Hollywood’s hottest couple are back at it again. Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have been the most talked-about couple on the internet. This time they have made their fans laugh with a hilarious pizza delivery skit.

Scott Disick took to Instagram on Sunday and shared a clip on his Instagram Stories. In the video, Scott was seen conversing with the SNL comedian while thanking him for the pizza delivery. Pete was pulling away from Scott’s driveway after dropping pizza off at his home, reported The Sun.

Pete waved at the camera and said “See you later bro” before climbing into the golf cart. Scott replied: “Good to see you. Thanks for dropping the pizza off!” Pete stuck his head out of the Moke electric street-legal cart and said: “Oh any time. Hey, have a good night, alright?”

The two pals kept on with the jocular tones as both kept walking away from each other. Scott called out, “Alright take care,” to which Pete responded, “Alright, cool.” He ended the video by saying: “Gotta love postmates!” prompting his friend to look up and laugh.

The pink color Moke golf cart was gifted to Kim by her mother Kriss Jenner. Moke vehicles, which only drive at 25mph, start at $20,975 stock. Kris bought six of the carts, meaning she splashed a staggering $125,000 on her fleet of yellow, pink, rose, white, orange, and blue carts.

It’s great to see Pete and Scott getting acquainted very well with each other. Kim letting Pete use the carts for such a hilarious purpose also added to the atmosphere. We look forward to getting more of these funny and lighthearted videos.

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