Julio Foolio is not a rapper with the cleanest of records in the industry. People have very polarizing views and opinions about the rapper. One such fan was seen punching him in the face recently. Now he has come out explaining why he did that.

On April 1st, during a concert in which Foolio was performing, he was hit straight on the face by a random person from the crowd. From the first look, it didn’t seem planned. It was the most random thing that could’ve happened that night. Now the person who punched Foolio has come out with an explanation for his actions.

The 40-year-old man claimed he punched him as some sort of get back “out of love for my n****s.” He goes on to say that “I beat you outta love for my n*****s, know what I’m sayin’, that’s all.” While going on to describe more of his actions he also talked about how he thought about taking his chains.

Youtuber Poetik Flakko uploaded a video with the confession of the man. He also commented on the whole explanation and why he thinks this is fake and a lie. He suspects that the assaulted is nothing but a mere clout chaser. It was also questioned who this 40-year-old man is claiming to be protecting. Julio Foolio has dissed a lot of people, but none in the North Carolina area where the concert took place.

The guy went on to talk about how he almost snatched Julio Foolio’s chain. Then, later on, he circled back around to that idea, almost as if he regretted not capturing that clout trophy.

The punch might have been a result of the various disses and name-calling Foolio uses in his tracks. Perhaps this guy is really in tune with ATK. Foolio often name drops deceased rappers and their kin to get on their nerves. However, as previously stated, the concert was in North Carolina and most probably Julio doesn’t have any opps there.

The explanation video didn’t explain much apart from vaguely establishing the fact that he did it out of love. However, nobody in their right mind would think of doing that for someone they love. This is very likely an act of clout chasing, but we’ll just have to see if there are any further developments. .

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