It looks like Lil Nas X is in his feelings again. After taking a break from Twitter, which he claimed was a “maternity leave.” he is now back and funnier than ever.

Lil Nas X attended the 64th Annual Grammy Awards yesterday in Las Vegas, where he performed two of his hits, “Industry Baby” and “Montero.” He was nominated for five awards, but he went back home with zero. The night could’ve gone better than it did for him. He was nominated for the categories – Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Melodic Rap Performance, and Best Music Video.

Now, we know that Lil Nas X would definitely take this to his social media to gather people’s attention towards this. Nas posted on Twitter, “can’t believe i lost all my grammys. i am no longer gay!”

Moments later, he posted, “i change my mind i want to be slutted out tonight.”

Nas X also went on to make a 15-second rap freestyle about all of his losses. In an Instagram post, he recorded a video of himself in front of the mirror while singing, “I didn’t win no Grammys. That sh*t hurt my feelings. That sh*t finna make me cry.”

Social media, obviously, made fun of his pain but soon after Nas issued a proper statement. He said, “last night was my favorite performance yet. and a fun night in general. we lost all our grammies but that just mean it’s time to go even harder! love y’all.”

Sanchari Ghosh

Sanchari has a degree in chemical engineering. Apart from that, she has a knack for reading and photography too. She likes to keep herself updated with what is happening around the world. Sanchari is always keen on learning new things. She loves watching movies and her favorite genre is romantic comedies!

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