Latto finds herself constantly being criticized based on her appearance. No matter how much she thrives for talent and success, she never stopped receiving such comments. However, she is now tried of all this and claps back at fans by deciding to quit birth control.

Latto has been on a mission to secure her spot in the industry. It started since she won the season one of The Rap Game series created by hip-hop producer Jermaine Dupri. In recent years, she’s collaborated with some of the greatest like Lil Boosie and Gucci Mane and she recently released her sophmore album 777.

In a tweet sent out where she expressed how much of a toll being told. She is gaining weight and any comments from trolling fans hurt her feelings.

“I’m getting off birth control lol I’m sick of y’all telling me I’m gaining weight that shit hurt my feelings fr so don’t say nun when I.. nvm.”

The ‘never mind’ she’s referring to is her getting pregnant as a result of getting off her meds. Apparently the risk is worth taking if it gets her to slim down. Fans took to her replies to assure the Big Energy rapper that she was tripping and her body looks amazing.

One fan encouraged her saying, “Baby everything about you is beautiful and just right.” A photo comment read, “MA’AM WHO SAID SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR WEIGHT TELL ME!”

“u not gainin bad weight, u gettin thicker. wats the issue?” another commented.

Latto also took to her Instagram story to fire back at a troll in her DMs. Latto posted the messages on her insta story by also revealing the person’s name.

“Now you getting to obig, it’s all in your arms & shoulders making your shape not raw! Get lipo in your arms & back your’e goonna look too wide!”

“You kinda big my girl. Slow down. You looked better slim thick. Rolls & boxy ain’t it [I’m just saying] you still pretty tho. I like ppl to let me know and not just talk about me.”

Latto responded by tagging the fan and saying, “Here go the attention you looking for. Y’all go tear dat ass up. Disrespectfully.” She added in another slide in her story saying, “I thought I was losing weight looking good then here go this weird bitch in my DM telling me to get lip cause I’m ‘boxy.’ Ian gone lie sis u struck a nerve cause I’m on day 2 of my no food just juice cleanse right now.”

Check out Latto’s rant and fans’ comments below. We’ll have to see if this stops some of the hurtful trolls. Odds are it won’t, but her message could be heard by some.

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