Kailyn Lowry and her ex Chris Lopez have not been the best of friends lately. A raging feud between the two has made a rift in their relationship and parenthood. To fuel it more Kailyn has shared pictures of her son with tattoos which were done by Chris.

Kailyn posted an Instagram Story of her son Creed in a bathtub. Creed had his pacifier in his mouth as he sat inside the white tub. The Teen Mom star filmed her toddler as he extended his arm. The tattoos can be noticeably seen on the side of Creed’s arm. It is unclear what images were inked on the one-year-old boy.

Things got a bit sketchy when Kail captioned the post “Someone got tattoos at their Dad’s. Lol,” She has also previously posted cryptic quotes after she made her wild claims about her ex. The statement read: “Removing yourself from that s**t that repeatedly triggers your mental health and hurts your heart is top tier self-care.”

According to The Sun, Kailyn recently accused Chris of “trying to kill her” in court. This came in light of Kailyn suing Briana DeJesus for defamation. She claimed the reality star had “physically beat” Chris. Later Briana claimed Chris had told her that Kailyn had broken into his mother’s home and physically assaulted him over their oldest son’s haircut.

Previously Kailyn was arrested for offensive touching back in September 2020, but the charge was later dropped. She later revealed more about their toxic relationship. Since the charges were dropped, nothing has been proved of her assaulting anyone.

It’s tough to say how long the feud is going to stretch out. Amidst the whole mess, their infant son is the main subject of discussion, which doesn’t seem healthy at all.

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