Jenelle Evans is very infamous with her fans. Whatever she does or portrays online, gets an immense amount of backlash. In a struggle to be better at living life, she has now turned herself into writing a blog post.

The Teen Mom Star making a healthier life choice might sound a tad bit different from what you might think. Jenelle’s thought of choosing wine over beer is what she thinks will change her health for the better. In a blog post, she mentioned the switch of alcohol choice and labeled it better for her digestive system.

Fans took to Reddit and trolled the living being out of the Teen Mom star after writing the blog. “Jenelle is excited to be making healthier choices by drinking $9 sangria to help her stomach and esophagus issues,” a person wrote. “So you’re going to trade beer for wine Wich is very f****** acidic?? This b**** is so dumb. Signed, someone with GERD,” said another one.

Many made fun of her by making sarcastic and jocular comments on the Reddit post. One wrote: “Ahhh yes…I have also become much healthier since switching from McDonald’s to Wendy’s.” Another chimed in to say: “If you’re anything like me and very picky about taste”, boo we’ve seen your food. And your booze. And your clothes and your men and your home. We know you don’t have taste.”


Recently, Jenelle suspected she has Myasthenia Gravis and went to the hospital. According to Heavy, She was suffering from “extreme” pain and that led the doctors to perform several tests. After all the test results were out, the doctors didn’t diagnose her with the disease.

This kind of behavior from Evans makes the fans go wild into slamming her with insults. Her understanding of what’s good and bad for her has deteriorated since time immemorial. Looks like only her fans can point out the flaws in her but she doesn’t seem to care.

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