The whole world witnessed the Oscars fiasco where Will Smith slapped Chris Rock over a joke. Rock might have not wanted to file charges against Smith, but Academy Awards committee has been very upset about the incident. While Oscars has initiated disciplinary proceedings against Smith, he has decided to resign from the membership of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

According to TMZ, the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness is not happy. They are calling out Will Smith for snatching the Oscar focus away from “CODA,” the Best Picture winner. In the process, he tarnished a huge milestone in the deaf community. Deaf people have been disregarded for so long, according to Dr. Patricia Hughes, and their opportunity on such a large stage as the Academy Awards came and went far too swiftly.

The majority of the buzz was about Will slapping Chris Rock, rather than the historic victory for “CODA.” She believes we should focus on the moment that had the most impact for the hearing-impaired. Particularly the sincere acceptance speech that provided the filmmakers with a rare opportunity to appreciate the hearing-impaired.

Dr. Hughes stated that both of her children are her CODAs (child of deaf adults), and that the film depicts their community as a culture, which isn’t something that happens very frequently. The film also has an educational component, demonstrating how children may assist deaf adults and how deaf and non-deaf people can live together.


Dr. Hughes would like to see more conversation about those concerns in society moving ahead, which may have been ignited by the film’s big moment at the Oscars if it hadn’t been for Will. Although a repeat of the slap appears improbable, she hopes the Academy will handle future distractions better.

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