Cardi B gets a lot of attention and many fans would love to call her family. One might expect that a celebrity’s number of DM’s is usually a lot more than any ordinary person. They can’t respond to all of them even if they want to. However, it is not like they don’t open any chat at all and it is nothing different for Cardi B.

Cardi B recently took to twitter to post a screenshot of a message she received from one of her fans. Unlike most usual screenshots, it was a cropped image focusing on one text. Due to cut out, the screenshot doesn’t reveal the fan’s name, which was obviously intentional.

Cardi B captioned the post “Wait cause this got me dead” with few laughig emojis. In the message from a fan, they made a bold claim to Cardi asking her to follow back on Twitter. This was to help wit the ruse that they are related.

“Hey Cardi !!!!! I been telling people we cousins since we both Dominican, Libras andddd you follow me on ig. They believe it sometimes. But i need you to follow me on Twitter so i can keep my lie going. I’ve been lying about it for so long i cant turn back now, I’m in too deep !!! Help a cousin out !!! Pls and thank you.”

Naturally many fans jumped on the comment section. Some fans complained for not replying to them while rest were busy roasting others.

One comment said, “You didn’t answer my DM back in 2019 to be the juice of the peace at my wedding and I’m still sad.” The person also attached a photo.
However, it probably was not a right approach. Celebrities receive so many direct messages on social media, so it’s easy to see how any message can get lost.

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