Polo G jumped into internet chats after a video of him performing at a gig went viral. He wanted to dispel reports that he was attacked. Polo has been touring and delighting live audiences from coast to coast, but nobody tried to jack him.

Someone published a short video of Polo G falling on stage and the internet was swamped with rumors. The rapper was seen in the footage getting some help as he made his way from the stage to the floor, directly in front of the audience.

Polo G started singing as soon as he got down, but within seconds, he appeared to slump forward, prompting a dozen or more people to rush to his rescue. People on social media claimed that Polo G was assaulted by an audience member who attempted to take his chain. The rapper recently rejected the charges.

[And] Don’t start no dumb -ss rumors like nobody tried take sum from me dead man’s one of y’all was lookin fa the crowd just gat too excited & knocked me down that’s all lol. I mean I love Fort Wayne fa turnin up w me but that’s like one of the last places imma let a mf play wit me [crying emoji].

Polo G is no stranger to controversy. The Chicago native was previously arrested on concealed weapon charges. The charges were later dropped in the police battery case. Check out the video for yourself below.

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