Terrell Owens, the 48-year-old wide receiver, is a legend in the NFL. Owens is already in the Hall of Fame, however he has considered returning to the field in recent years. Owens maintains that he can still run with the best of them and that he can still make a significant contribution.

As you might expect, no NFL teams are interested in Owens right now, and travelling to Canada appears to be out of the question. With that in mind, it looks like Owens has moved on from the NFL and is now looking into a position where he may play with Johnny Manziel.

According to a Reuters report, Owens will join the Fan-Controlled Football League, which implies that his routes will be decided by those who watch the games. Owens will play for the Zappers, the same team that Manziel will be with. Needless to say, we will get to witness Owens play professionally once more, which is fantastic news for all football fans.

NFL legend Terrell Owens is coming out of retirement, per @Reuters. The 48-year-old Hall of Famer reportedly plans to join the Zappers of startup Fan Controlled Football. The Zappers QB? Johnny Manziel.

It’ll be interesting to watch how Owens does in this league. However, there’s no denying that his presence in the league is thrilling. Check out the tweet from Front Office Sports below.

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