Jada Pinkett Smith shot a glare towards her laughing husband, Will Smith, shortly after Chris Rock made a joke about her hair at the Oscars this weekend. Millions of people around the world saw Smith smack Rock for making a joke about his wife’s hair loss, but few people saw Pinkett Smith’s reaction because the cameras were focused on the two stars.

As Smith returned to the stage and took his place, the Red Table Talk host sat at a table, while Rock appeared to try to collect his thoughts after being hit across the face. Despite the fact that the tape was shot from behind, only catching Pinkett Smith’s back, she appeared to lean forward and laugh when Chris Rock said: “Will Smith just slapped the sh*t out of me.”

When she turned to face Rock, it appeared Jada was watching his reaction to the situation, but she clapped her hands and laughed again when the comic described the incident as the ‘greatest night in the history of television.’ It’s unclear who took the footage of Jada at the Oscars and uploaded it, but it’s since gotten a lot of attention online, with hundreds of comments after over 73,000 views on Twitter.

Rock appeared upset but attempted to keep the event on track, to the point where half of the internet believed the slap was staged. The moment was completely improvised, according to ABC executive Rob Mills, who was sitting in the Oscars production trailer with showrunners at the time.


Rock’s “G.I. Jane” remark directed at Jada was a reference to a 1997 action picture starring Demi Moore as Jordan O’Neil, a woman who becomes the first woman to complete Navy Seal training and shaves her head in the process. Check out the unseen footage below.

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