Doja Cat has made a strong reputation for herself in the music industry. Doja has been giving other rappers a hard time for the past few years, and everyone appreciates it. She teased quitting, but then recently revealed what she needs to do before she can retire.

Doja Cat recently announced her retirement from music following a tragic experience in Paraguay. The singer was in the nation for a concert when a large gathering of local fans gathered around her hotel. They felt entitled when Doja didn’t come out to say hello, and eventually tossed threats and racial epithets her way.

It was genuinely despicable behavior, and it sparked a brief Twitter outcry from Doja’s true supporters, who denounced the racists who continued to abuse her. Since then, some supporters have hoped that she will not retire and that her announcement was made on the spur of the moment.

Doja clarified on Twitter today that just because she’s on tour doesn’t mean she’ll change her mind. Doja mentioned in a series of tweets that she still has a lot of duties to fulfill. She will leave the music industry once those duties are fulfilled.

“For those who are seeing me at the after hours tour, i’m not bailing. But me not bailing doesn’t mean my ass isn’t gonna disappear right after. i still got sh*t i gotta do. and a lot of y’all think cuz i post a f*ckin picture it means i’m not out. Pic doesn’t = music GOOFY. So yes that still means i got videos to film i got performances to do and I got content to drop so i’m pooping it out and dippin. i ain’t gone yet.”

it’s unclear when she’ll retire. But if she makes up her mind, everyone will have to respect her decision, and supporters would have no choice but to appreciate her decision. What are your thoughts on Doja Cat’s retirement? For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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