The Real Housewives of Potomac cast has a lot of drama, and this situation is finally getting addressed. Ashley Darby’s husband is rumored to have stepped out on her, but what’s her story?

Ashley Darby spoke out this week on the recent cheating rumors. A photo and article was circulating recently alleging that her husband was spotted with another woman. However, the Bravo star and entrepreneur states otherwise.

It all started when a photo was posted on Reddit showing her husband Michael Darby sitting in what appeared to be a hotel lobby next to a woman. The woman’s face was hidden by a poster. The title of the post was “what are you doing here without ASHLEY?!”. The photo was also shared on twitter.

The photo sparked a flurry of comments and speculation about Ashley and Michael Darby’s marriage, which has faced several challenges in the past. Eventually an outlet picked up the image and reported that Michael Darby had been caught with another woman. However, Ashley now denied that anything was going on in a statement shared on her social media.

Ashley Darby took to instagram story to slammed the article as ‘bogus’ & explained the context behind the picture.

“That article is bogus. Michael was at a wedding this weekend, and the people pictured are his friends of over 30 years. Michael and I will always be transparent about what’s happening between us. Leave the fables to Aesop.”

It’s not the first time that Ashley Darby has spoken out about cheating allegations in her marriage. Fans have had many questions about the RHOP couple’s relationship over the years. That includes the 29-year age gap between the Bravo star and her real estate mogul husband.

Michael and Ashley may have a rollercoaster relationship but still it remains intact.

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