Kanye West is the versatile rapper of the industry who recently composed his biggest hit DONDA 2. When it comes to being a businessman, Kanye West has proven to be a great genius. Kanye West also claimed that he has no interest in jumping into the NFT space.

Just recently, Watching The Throne (@KanyePodcast) took to Twitter to address a fraud in the name of Ye. Some producer is publicizing an upcoming NFT as a collaboration with Ye. @KanyePodcast confirmed that Ye has no such involvement.

Yo, head’s up. Some producer is presenting an upcoming NFT as a collaboration with Ye. We’ve confirmed Ye has no involvement.

It turns out that people out there are using Kanye’s clout to promote NFTs. The page made sure that folks are throwing their money down the drain after getting misled. Kanye West has decided not to join the NFT bandwagon. The Yeezy billionaire has stated that he does not want to create a non-fungible token.

Many of his contemporaries have gotten in on the NFT craze, including Eminem, who paid $462,000 for an ape sketching NFT that looks like him. Justin Bieber spent $1.29 million on his NFT at the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Ye seemed to be pleased at the prospect of reclaiming ownership of his work and releasing it on his own terms. Check out the tweet below.

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