Taylor Hawkin’s sudden death shook up the whole music world. Hawkins’ passing has been tremendously saddening for millions of fans and young artists that look up to him. Machine Gun Kelly shared an emotional story as he hung out with the legendary drummer just 2 nights before his death.

During a recent appearance on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show, Machine Gun Kelly recalled his heartwarming last moments with Hawkins. Both Foo Fighters and MGK’s crew were in Paraguay for their concerts. MGK was excited that the Foo Fighters might see him perform but both their shows got cancelled due to the bad weather.

Following the cancellation, Machine Gun Kelly got to hangout with the Foo Fighters at their hotel. It was a blissful experience for him and his entire crew. MGK had nothing but the highest praise for the beloved drummer.

When MGK and his crew got to the hotel lobby, he realized that his entourage was “20 deep.” Colson was worried about how the Foo Fighters’ camp will feel about such a big crew. However, it all went smoothly and MGK recounted that Taylor was especially kind to all of his mates.

“And I walked up and we got out of the elevator, all 20 of us, and Taylor, Dave, the whole Foo Fighters team… but specifically Taylor, he went up to every single one of us and gave us each our moment. Like, every single one of us, man, down to… my assistant, they’re relating over, ‘Oh you’re from Topanga? I’m from Topanga!’ It was like, dude, he’s such a beautiful soul man,” MGK added. The last thing Taylor said to Colson was that he is bummed about not getting to see them perform.

Machine Gun Kelly then shared an emotional message to Taylor Hawkins’ Children. “Your Father was a great, great man and we were all lucky to know him and we all appreciate that night more than anyone will know. That was a dream for us” Colson said holding back tears. Machine Gun Kelly surely idolized Taylor Hawkins like many other young artists. Hawkins’ legacy will be remembered forever. No one will truly be able to replace him. RIP Taylor Hawkins 1972-2022.

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