Kyle Rittenhouse fulfilled his teenage fantasy of becoming an armed vigilante after he killed two people and injured a third during a 2020 protest in Wisconsin. Rittenhouse was ultimately acquitted of murder charges but has remained in the public eye ever since. Kyle is a regular on the far-right wing media circuit.

When he is not sharing awesome memes with his friends, the boy who crossed state lines, acquired a firearm, showed up at a tense protest to side with the antagonists, and then shot three people loves to appear on television to play the victim.

Kyle’s most recent foray into that world came in the form of the Jenna Ellis Show. Ellis formerly served as an attorney to Donald Trump. Ellis was brought in to defend Trump’s lie that the 2020 election was stolen along with the disgraced Rudy Giuliani.

After those legal efforts failed miserably, Ellis chased the money. Jenna and Kyle Rittenhouse were two peas in a pod as they chatted about all things political. Rittenhouse revealed during the interview that he is upset that the President of the United States, Joe Biden, has not returned his phone calls. This is despite the global pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and fifty thousand other more pressing domestic issues than catering to a teen killer.


“I reached out to Joe Biden several times — crickets, nothing. He still hasn’t replied. So it just shows how much of a man he is to not sit down and talk.”

It speaks to the immaturity of Kyle Rittenhouse that he expects that the leader of the free world has time to talk to a teenager who killed multiple people and still walks free. Rittenhouse’s arrogance would be shocking if it weren’t so obvious that he is trying to monetize the shooting of three of his fellow Americans.

Joe Biden is unlikely to ever answer those calls. It’s also questionable that Rittenhouse even knows what phone number to call to get a hold of the President. It’s all in a day’s work for the boy wonder.

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Michael Perry

Michael Perry is a news contributor for Ringside News and Thirsty for News. Michael has an M.A. in Communication Technology from Point Park University in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.

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