Soulja Boy is one of the most enigmatic figures in the hip hop industry. While he often proclaims himself to be an entrepreneur, a champion of gamers, a philanthropist and many other dignitaries, he ends up shattering all those images whenever he gets into a huge beef.

Big Draco is never the one to back down, unless he gets what he wants. Even when Kanye West made him record for a song that he promised would feature on DONDA, it didn’t make the cut. Soulja Boy started a beef over it, which went on for weeks.

The rapper is back at it again as he is furthering another beef with rapper Key Glock. While he was asked a simple question about Key Glock during his recent Instagram Live session, he fired back with a lot of negative things about him.

Soulja Boy took a lot of indirect shots on the rapper, saying that he doesn’t care about him. However, he showed off and flexed all his cars while he said that he doesn’t care about beefing, because he has things to show for himself.

Draco scared his fans off when he said that “if you wanna die too let me know.” Not only did that qualify as a death threat, but it implies that perhaps Soulja Boy has….killed….someone? While it sounds extremely grim, it might just be the rapper just letting off steam too aggressively, and actually has not killed anyone.

Whether this beef escalates or not, only time can tell. Keep checking back with Thirsty for more!

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Nitish Vashishtha

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