It looks like Rico Nasty’s relationship is hanging by a thread at the moment. Apparently, Rico’s boyfriend hit her after she asked him if she can go through his phone.

As reported by Revolt, Rico shared the whole scenario on her Instagram story. She mentioned that her boyfriend laid hands on her only because she asked to go through his phone.

“I can’t believe [you] just put your hands on me,” she wrote in the upload that has been deleted since then. “And I didn’t even touch you.” On another screen, she wrote, “So lemme get this straight, [you] go through my phone for yearsssss. I finally ask for yours and can’t see it.”

Rico also wrote, “Lmaoaoaoaoaoa he probably about to log into my shit and delete this. I swear I hate my life.” She also wrote stuff like, “@dodon’tsay_ [you] dead to me, [you] a liar,” and “Guess I’m one of ‘them’ now.”


Her boyfriend shared his side of the story too. He shared on his own IG page, “”If asking a woman repeatedly to leave you alone after she’s chased you around the room, thrown shit at you, thrown her phone at your head, told you she’s gonna kill you, going towards your TV and computer threatening to break everything in sight and after her not listening, picking her up and putting her outside the room and locking the door counts as putting your hands on her then ok that’s what happened.”

He also wrote in his next story, ” “@riconasty you’ve painted a picture that I hit you last night and that’s a lie. I didn’t put my hands on you. You attacked me and I asked you to leave. You wouldn’t so I got you out my room and locked the door. [You’re] legit crazy! You posted that bullshit ass lie and deleted it seconds later because [you’re] cap,” Rico’s boyfriend added.

The man also said, “You a liar and you fasho ain’t shit for this one. Stop tryna trash my name bro, that shit ain’t cool. You can be mad all you want about the relationship, but don’t label me a woman beater. That’s not at all what it is.”

We don’t know how much of this is true is actually true or if authorities were even contacted. But there’s more to it for sure. Take a look at a few screenshots posted by Rico’s man after he was accused of hitting her.

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