The Toy Box is Shark Tank but for Toys and has kids for judges. Allegedly Mattel stole the idea of the show from someone else. Mattel is now being sued and the people suing just won a big battle in the case.

Toy mogul Mattel is being sued by Herrick Productions. According to Herrick Productions Mattel stole its concept of having inventors pitch their toys to child judges. Herrick Productions called their version “Playmakers,” wherein Mattel would then manufacture the toy.

As you may have observed, ‘Toy Box’ premise also features a panel of child judges and the winning toy is produced and distributed by Mattel. Herrick Productions is suing Mattel claiming that the toy giant strung them along with meetings for their show idea called “Playmakers” and ultimately kicked them to the curb to produce “The Toy Box” instead.

TMZ reports that Herrick just won a big battle in the case. Herrick Productions are defeating Mattel’s motion for summary judgment. As per TMZ Herrick’s attorneys Bryan Freedman and Miles Feldman were, “Ecstatic that Mattel will finally be forced to go to trial now that they lost their motion.”

Mattel is going to face the jury soon. A rep for Mattel told TMZ, “We are very proud of The Toy Box, and we continue to be gratified by the positive reactions the program generates from viewers of all ages. As for this lawsuit, we believe it is totally without merit.” However, the legal battle is far from over. The trial between the two is set to begin August 1, 2022.

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Shifa Jahan

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