Ja Rule has made his voice heard. If you’re a fan of Dave Chappelle, it won’t take you long to figure out why the “Always On Time” singer is currently trending on Twitter. Today’s news is full of heated opinions regarding the incident, with some stating that it was a full-fledged attack that should be denounced.

During a stand-up routine a few years ago, the controversial comic brought up Ja’s name, recalling a period when he was on MTV in the aftermath of 9/11. At the moment, Chappelle stated, “Stop worshipping celebrities so much.”

The world has been cracking jokes in the wake of the Academy Awards squabble. Needless to say, it was an exciting night in the entertainment world, with many people on the tip of their seats. Ja, thankfully, has heard the internet’s screams for his thoughts on the subject and has added his voice.

Slapping season is OFFICIALLY in session. [laughing emoji] [slapping emoji]

During his victory speech for Best Actor for his portrayal in King Richard, Smith addressed the slap. Chris Rock apparently declined to file a police report in connection with the event, so it appears to be all over now. Check out what people are saying about the 46-year-post old’s tweet below.


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