The highlight of the 2022 Academy Awards was Will Smith smacking Chris Rock across the face over a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s baldness. The incident went viral all over the world. It is now being revealed that the Academy contemplates on stripping Will Smith off his award.

The Sun reports that they have got insiders info about furious members of the Academy. Apparently, the members joined the meeting by Zoom and demanded the King Richard star be kicked out of the prestigious organization over his actions and stripped off his award. Others however believe he should be allowed to hold onto it.

Once the ceremony was over the called in key members to hold an emergency meeting about what action they should take. They cannot be seen to be condoning violence in any way and there are some people in the Academy who believe they should remove the award from him to make a point.

Almost everyone had something to say about the wild night. The Academy issued its own statement saying they do not condone violence of any kind. They also let everyone know that the incident is under investigation. The LA police department also issued a statement on it.


Although Chris declined to press charges, he has been offered amenities by the Academy. Crisis talks aren’t the only thing the Academy undertook. The source mentioned that Chris Rock has been offered an “after care package” to cope with the incident.

After winning best actor, Will realized his mistake and apologized. However, he apologized in general, to the Academy and his fellow nominees and didn’t mention Chris Rock’s name in his speech. Smith said he is hoping the Academy would invite him back. He hinted that his actions were out of love and a way of protecting his family, “Love will make you do crazy things” Will Smith concluded.

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Shifa Jahan

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