Kanye West is the versatile rapper of the industry who recently composed his biggest hit DONDA 2. It was released last month exclusively on the artist’s $200 Stem Player. Unlike Donda, his latest album didn’t make it to Billboard charts. However, it seems Kanye’s other projects are charting high on Spotify.

Kanye West is still going strong on Spotify despite the fact that he has now switched to his very own Stem player. According to a recent analysis from Chart Data, Kanye West is simultaneously charting ten projects on the US Spotify album chart at the moment. This is the most of any artist for a fifth week in a row.

.@kanyewest simultaneously charts ten projects on the US Spotify albums chart, the most of any artist for a fifth week in a row.

Kanye West is working hard to promote his new album DONDA 2. Unfortunately, the majority of his admirers have yet to hear the record, and the only way to do so is to purchase his Stem Player, which may cost up to $200 USD. We don’t know if Donda 2 will ever end up on streaming platforms.

Ye seemed to be pleased at the prospect of reclaiming ownership of his work and releasing it on his own terms. He is rejoicing over the fact that Donda 2 was scrapped from the Billboard charts due to the publication’s album bundling guidelines. Check out the tweet from @chartdata below.

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