Joyner Lucas went off on the Lollapalooza lineup card this week, claiming that despite being one of the most successful indie musicians in recent years, he was placed in such a poor position. The rapper said that he was paid a pittance for his performance at the festival and that despite his refusal, he was nonetheless included to the lineup.

Joyner Lucas has now apologized to Machine Gun Kelly after a lengthy Twitter outburst earlier this week in which he disparaged him. Lucas was displeased with his position on the Lollapalooza lineup card, but claimed that MGK was just caught in the crossfire.

As far as the @machinegunkelly sh-t Goes,, homie ain’t have nothing to do with my rant. Jus got caught in the cross fire of one of my bitter moments. Def sum s-cka sh-t to come at him for nothin. I own that & I apologize. Real n—- sh-t. I ain’t perfect. Im growing everyday.

In his now-deleted tweets, Lucas called Kelly “goofy.” The rapper had previously expressed his displeasure with the size of his name on the festival’s lineup release, claiming that he required a magnifying glass to read it.


If you were planning on seeing Joyner Lucas at Lollapalooza, you should know that he will most likely not be playing following this fiasco. The dates for Lollapalooza are July 28 to July 31. Take a look at some of Lucas’ tweets below.

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