Lisa Rinna’s daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin is one of the hottest models in the fashion circuits. Amelia is no stranger to pulling in attention with her bold looks. Recently, she left her fans drooling over her in a skimpy brown bikini.

The 20-year old model flashed her side boob in a skimpy brown bikini. She struck up a series of sultry poses in front of some picturesque backgrounds including a sparklingly clean beach and a small forested area.

Amelia added a pair of green camouflage shorts to the skimpy piece. She put on a pair of stylish black sunglasses to shield her eyes from the Sun’s glare. She parted her voluminous dark brown tresses in the middle.

In another shot, she covered up a bit more in  a larger spaghetti-strap shirt and kept lollipop stick hanging from her full lips. However, her photo dump didn’t just focus on herself.

One photo showed the cover of a workout book from the 1980s titled Staying Hard while another showed cards laid out on a bedspread. Hamlin also took a couple photos of the sky. One focused on the moon peeking between trees, and the other showcased a brilliantly bright sunset.  

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Shubham Banerjee

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