The grand jury has indicted the rapper Ksoo for two murders. The rapper’s indictment has resulted in a lot of fans crying out for his support. The CEO of the label behind Ksoo says that he will arrange the money for the rapper’s bond.

Ksoo, with his real name being Hakeem Robinson, is accused of the alleged murder of rapper Adrian Gainer (aka Bibby), in February 2019, and Charles McCormick (aka Lil Buck), in January 2020.

The rapper has been in the Duval County jail for about years. He was charged with Buck’s death in 2020, and has been in jail from September 2020. While his label, Cinematic Music Group, is in standing in his support, the rapper’s release was further made difficult with the charge of Bibby’s death.

Law enforcement alleged that Ksoo shot Bibby at Hilltop Village Apartments, on the West 45th Street. Before the indictment, Ksoo had a bon hearing, where the amount to get him out of jail was $4 million.


In the hearing, the rapper’s lawyers tried to get the amount of his lower. It was contested by the prosecution as they played one of his songs, “Been Dead,” where he’s bragging about killing people. While the CEO of CMG Jonny Shipes wants to put some money into the rapper’s release, the question still stands for more money.

This situation received a lot of attention, partly because of Foolio’s response to Bibby’s murder. The Jacksonville drill rap scene also saw a special spotlight from several popular YouTube channels who documented the events in great detail.

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