Waka Flocka speaks up when he hears people talking on his name. Most recently he was forced to respond to fans who thought it necessary to troll his chocolate desire.

As of late, the diversified manager proceeds to extend his economical portfolio. Be that as it might, Mr. Difficult in da Paint always can make time for music. Not too long ago, while the provocative personality was performing, he made a very matter-of-fact request.

Flocka was standing on top of a DJ’s booth in a viral video. Frenchie’s “Pop That” can be heard playing and some eager girls were encouraged to dance while the song blasted around them. There was some major twerking going on, indeed.

That being said, the adopted ATLien was far from moved. Momentarily, the audio was paused and this is when he was seen bending down to retrieve a microphone. Then Flockaveli proclaimed, “I need some chocolate on stage man.” The crowd erupted at this request.

Straight away, the group erupted with applause. Be that as it might, the “Round Of Applause” rhymer more clarifies his assertion. In The Shade Room’s IG article, it said, “Imagine tryna be a good person and be inclusive to all?.., Imagine?”

Overall, an ample amount of folks are showing that they share his sentiment. Even YG provided a collection of crying emojis to seemingly exhibit his support. Someone even likened the twerk fest to nothing more than a shaking “back and kneecaps.”

A post from Waka appears to address the incident. A candid statement reads “Learning how to leave people alone and go on with your life is a needed skill. You must master it.”

In short, the unspecified overall performance finds Waka Flocka in a spot of reclaiming his peace.

This digs up the question “Are preferences not allowed anymore ?” One thing clear is that anyone shouldn’t judge someone’s personal choice.

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Artoria Pendragon

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