Joyner Lucas went on a rage this week about his Lollapalooza lineup card, arguing that despite being one of the most successful independent artists in recent years, he was positioned so low. The rapper claimed that the festival gave him a pittance for his appearance and that despite his refusal, he was nonetheless added to the roster.

He then said he wouldn’t be performing and made fun of Machine Gun Kelly, calling him goofy. The 33-year-old artist backtracked after his Twitter outburst sparked a whirlwind of reactions, deleting all of his messages and claimed that his account had been hacked by Russian hackers, which sounds like the most absurd reason he could have offered.

Them Damn Russian hackers dun hacked my phone yesterday smh.

His tweet had already done a lot of damage. It’s unclear whether he’s being sarcastic or trolling with this reaction, but Russian hackers targeting Joyner Lucas and dissing Machine Gun Kelly on his behalf seems improbable. That sounds ridiculous.

The rapper had previously expressed his displeasure with the size of his name on the festival’s lineup release, claiming that he required a magnifying glass to read it. If you were planning on seeing Joyner Lucas at Lollapalooza, you should know that he will most likely not be playing following this fiasco.

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