Hayden Panettiere and Brian Hickerson have quite an interesting history together. Hickerson ended up going away to prison for the infliction of harm on Panettiere. While that was enough to suggest that they have their own incompatibilities, another recent aggressive event suggests otherwise.

Hickerson just came back from prison and instantly reunited with his girlfriend Hayden Panettiere. The restraining order didn’t stop Hickerson from hanging out with Panettiere, but things still went a little south.

The duo was seen amid a huge fight with patrons outside the Sunset Marquis hotel in L.A. As the situation was quickly escalating into a huge fight, the 32-year old thought it best to try and calm things down. However, her attempts were not wholly successful.

Panettiere’s representative revealed to the US Weekly that the incident took place when Hickerson made a comment over a patron leaving a small tip for the waitress. Apparently things got heated up when other patrons got involved and security took both of the groups outside. While the police was called, nobody came forward to press any charges or report injuries.

[Hickerson] made a comment to an individual about leaving the waitress a poor tip. That same individual along with the group he was with began badgering and shoving Brian at which point security pushed everyone outside. Hayden was refused the opportunity to provide a statement to the police as she was escorted back inside. There was nobody complaining of pain, and no one came forward saying they were a victim of an assault.

The authorities arrived to find no witnesses present at the scene. Nobody in particular had any crime to report, which led to the police not reporting the incident. Panettiere and Hickerson have been dating since August 2018, and it seems they’ll continue to stay strong together.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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