LeBron James’ talents have established him as a legend in basketball. The L.A Lakers star sends thunder in the hearts of his opponents whenever he’s on court. James has number of achievements to his name with many referring to him as GOAT. It seems LeBron has been called out for ducking the 76ers game.

Skip Bayless and LeBron James are arch-enemies in the sense that only one side is actively fighting. Skip’s mind is dominated by LeBron James, which has resulted in some pretty amusing situations and outbursts throughout the years. For example, Skip is constantly berating LeBron, regardless of whether he is scoring 50 points or simply resting due to an injury.

Due to a knee injury, LeBron did not play against the Philadelphia 76ers last night, and Skip believes LeBron was faking. On today’s episode of Undisputed podcast, Skip attempted to argue that LeBron was simply too terrified to face the Sixers, and that his absence was due to load management rather than an injury.

We can now retire this excuse LeBron is using, I now call total BS about his ‘sore knee.’ LeBron was load managing, he rested last night! ‘My knee was too sore right before tipoff.’ Baloney, LeBron! Just stop it. I’ve got no problem with resting unless you try to couch it with an excuse.

Of course, Skip has no idea what LeBron is going through right now, but that is part of Bayless’ performance art. He exists to enrage you, and that is exactly what he has done to LeBron fans all across the world today. Take advantage of this magnificence while it lasts.

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