Gas prices are through the roof and that means that people are likely to point blame and make jokes. Ice-T is well aware how much it costs for a fill-up nowadays.

Ice-T had fans rolling with laughter after the rapper/actor posted a witty tweet about rising gas prices. Ice T joked that he was “robbed” at a gas station in New Jersey on Wednesday night, amid record-high gas prices.

The “Law & Order: SVU” star made light of the alarming rise in gas prices. He dropped a tweet that apparently copped to calling the 5-0 on that menacing gas pump.

“I was robbed at a gas station in NJ last night. After my hands stopped trembling..I managed to call the cops and they were quick to respond and calmed me down…..My money is gone.. the police asked me if I knew who did it.. I said yes.. it was pump number 9…,”

Several of the star’s followers were amused by the tweet, while others thought it was inappropriate. “How many people go thru actually getting robbed and you make a joke of it? this isn’t funny,” one Twitter user responded.

Gasoline prices have already reached all-time highs around the world. According to the auto club, gas prices in the United States topped $4.25 on Monday, just below the historic high of $4.33 set earlier this month.

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Smita Singha Roy

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