Joe Rogan found himself in hot water as a montage of him saying N-word multiple times went viral on the Internet. Many celebrities from all over the world took this opportunity to blast the long-time UFC commentator. However, Freddie Gibbs came to the defense of Rogan.

Freddie Gibbs has returned to throw jokes at the expense of Joe Rogan, weeks after declaring that the podcast host was not a racist for using the n-word. Rogan made headlines after an unearthed compilation video of him yelling “n—–” and referring to a Black area as “Planet of the Apes” went viral.

Several of his followers said he was wrong to use the racial epithet, while others, such as Gibbs, denied Rogan was a racist. Gibbs recently appeared on the humorous Kill Tony Show, where he sat on a panel with Rogan and others before the rapper offered a few gags.

The world is changing. Joe Rogan said n—- and sh-t. Nah, n—-, that wasn’t years. That was days. He said every n—- in Philly look like a monkey. Joe, let me tell you something, n—-. You lucky, I got family in Philadelphia because they was coming there to f-ck you up. I held all n—– back on behalf of Joe. Y’all give me a round of applause, n—-.

Before everyone went on, Rogan expressed his gratitude and Gibbs fired off a few subtle barbs. This is not the first time person of African descent has defended Rogan’s usage of the N-word. Joe Rogan has deleted the podcast episode where he said the things mentioned above, except the apology. You can check out the complete episode below.

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