50 Cent is one of the most influential and big-hearted rappers in the hip-hop world. He’s known to surprise fans with his quick wit as well, but this time he shocked a fan with a life-changing gift.

Fif continues to endear himself to the people of Houston after relocating to the Texas city early last year. He brought even more love after 50 awarded a college scholarship worth $48,000 to a local high school student. This was done through the G-Star program which he helped launch last year.

The New York rap icon took to Instagram to announce the news on 23rd March. The scholarship will allow Kennedy Nelms to continue her studies for a further four years at the University of Texas at Austin, her “dream school.” Kennedy is a senior at Kashmere High School.

50 Cent uploaded a photo of Nelms holding her scholarship check on his insta account.


“My G Stars are no joke, Kennedy from Kashmere HS was just awarded a four year scholarship to the University of Texas! I’m So proud of these kids. H TOWN you know the vibes she gonna get to the bread”.

50 Cent launched the G-Star program in May 2021 in partnership with Houston ISD, Horizon United, and his G-Unity Foundation. Their aim is to support a trio of local high schools with low academic performance. Fifty committed $300,000 of his own money to the initiative, which focuses on helping students learn core business and entrepreneurial skills and develop their own business ideas with support from local business leaders. All this is accomplished while offering them the chance to apply for paid internships.

Kennedy Nelms was one of 75 high school students inducted into the G-Star program and there will be more student who will be blessed with the help in the future. Keep an eye on Thirsty for more.

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